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Abu Muntasir
M. Manwar Ali
Chief Executive of JIMAS


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Everything mentioned here is by the grace of God Most High and due to His extensive Mercy
and indeed all praise belongs to Him.

: Muhammad Manwar Ali (Abu Muntasir)
Born in 1959.

EDUCATION: B.Sc.(Hons) M.Sc. in Computer Science from University of London. MA in Islamic Studies (University of London). Diploma in Arabic from Birkbeck College.

OCCUPATION: Full time in IT for 25 years with well known companies in the UK. Presently Chief Executive of JIMAS. Runs a Marriage Service called Morning Dew and performs as a Relations Manager on request.

Chaplain for University Campus Suffolk, Suffolk New College, and the Ipswich Hospital.
Member of Local Scrutiny & Involvement Panel (LSIP) for the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) East England.
Member of the Police Crime Panel for Police & Crime Commissioner (Suffolk).
Trustee of Ipswich and Suffolk Council for racial Equality (ISCRE) & member of Ministry of Juctice sponsored Hate Crime Consortium (Suffolk).
Community governor of St. Helen's Primary School.

Teaches courses for the Workers Education Association (WEA).
utor for the Suffolk Interfaith Resource, and member of the East of England Faiths Agency.

Fellow of Suffolk New College (SNC) (2011 - 2013).
Community governor of Murrayfield Primary School (2009 - 2010).
Trustee of Ipswich Community Radio (ICR) (2010 - 2012).

FAMILY: Married and has 12 children (6 boys and 6 girls). Eldest four are graduates from Cambridge, Leicester, Loughborough and Birmingham university respectively, and two are at London and Keele universities at present.

Loves to read and cook at home. Practises Tae Kwon Do like his children. He has travelled well abroad and goes to numerous places within the UK to deliver talks and courses.
His visits to other countries have contributed greatly to his learning and effectiveness as a Muslim teacher.
His meaningful and memorable experiences over the years in learning, teaching, charity and Jihad are deeply cherished by him as favours from God for which he remains grateful.

Browse through this web site for details of his work and in particular visit the links on the home page.

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Abu Muntasir is the founder of JIMAS and has been progressing its activities since its beginning in 1984 as honorary president.

Abu Muntasir has been doing da'wah in the UK for almost 30 years. He has established many study circles across the UK and has delivered countless lectures through these years to thousands of people. Hundreds of young Muslims have been blessed by Allah with guidance through his efforts. Some of his lectures are available here. He has extensive experience in teaching and in dealing with Muslim social affairs. A pioneering da'iyah and much travelled abroad, he has met and introduced many now well-known speakers to the UK. A good number of Islamic personalities and workers in the UK have been taught, guided and inspired by him in their achievements.

He provides training for Islamic Societies in universities in da'wah and related affairs.

He also provides diversity training in Islam for social workers, the Police, teachers, students, front line staff and to the council. Experienced at delivering talks and engaging in discussion at schools, church groups and Interfaith events he now concentrates in engaging with the community at large and participation in civil society, while ensuring the continuing process of education of Muslims, particularly the youth, is not neglected. He has also done some work at a local prison. This type of activity continues to be rewarded with a number of men and women taking the shahaadah each year.

His work is devoted to work with complementary organisations in practical endeavours with a view to facilitating their goodness and the valuable contributions different speakers and workers can make. He is singularly geared towards unity, brotherhood and co-operation in virtue and righetousness. Completely non-sectarian he works in such a way that it challenges issues of hidden, subtle and delusory sectarianism which manifest in speech and behaviour with respect to other groups, societies, organisations or even speakers.

He is presently the Chief Executive of JIMAS, a UK educational charity notable for annual conferences, da'wah to non-Muslims, collection and distribution of Zakah with zero-overhead in the United Kingdom, helping Muslim refugees and asylum seekers, homeless people and co-operation with other organisations. He has successfully balanced professional and da'wah activities and has become a renowned dynamic, mature and caring UK Islamic teacher and speaker in fluent English.

Last Updated: February 2014
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