JIMAS is a Muslim educational charity which works to create greater understanding about Islam amongst Muslims and People for other faith and no faith backgrounds. JIMAS works to do this through Education, Engagement and Service.

Our vision is to establish a pride of place for Muslims in the UK where our strengths are reared and recognised in all that is good; to unlock our potential and help create a society where every citizen functions with dignity; where communities work together, have mutual understanding and thrive, through fostering respect and understanding. This vision is rooted in immediate and sincere concern for human welfare under a compassionate God.

Our mission is to know and overcome challenges, and pursue such means as are right before God in achieving our vision. Respectful dialogue, civic engagement, social involvement and responsible, gracious efforts define our invitation to the worship of God and help facilitate an informed choice about the saving call of Islam.


JIMAS works to educate people about the teachings of Islam based on the Qur’an, the Sunnah and the legacy of the scholars throughout the ages. Through regular classes, conferences and retreats, our focus has been on building qualities of faith so that Muslims become exemplars in society by following the footsteps of the Messenger (sallalaahu ‘alayhi wa sallam) and conduits for good in all circumstances.


JIMAS works to engage with communities across the spectrum of society. Breaking barriers and connecting communities are at the core of our ethos. Through engaging in dialogue with peoples of other faiths and no faith JIMAS works to create greater understanding. As part of this stream of work JIMAS sustains the 1Community initiative.


JIMAS aims to follow the footsteps of the Prophet Muhammad (sallalaahu’alayhi wa-sallam) by serving the creator through serving his creation. Inspired by the ethical standards of the Messenger (sallalaahu’alayhi wa-sallam) JIMAS works to create a framework whereby Muslims may volunteer to provide an altruistic service for the communities around us.