What is Islam all about?

Islam is a religion adhered to by 1.6 billion People in the World, nearly 1/3rd of the globe, from varying nations which include South Africa, Indonesia, Gibraltar, Morrocco and Great Britain.

To become a Muslim, all one need to do is to say with conviction: “There is no god except God”, which would include the meaning that there is nothing worthy of worship, except the Allmighty higher being; not money, not my car and not my ego.

And “Muhammad is the Messenger of God”, that he is one of the many guides that has been inspired by the Divine. Consequently we try to follow the footsteps of his ethical standards.

As the poet said: Islam is a love story with God, all the rest is commentary.

So all I have to do is say I believe – that’s it?

This is the biggest thing. To believe in God – and try to be a good person. The second part is a lot harder than it sounds. Starting a relationship with God is the start, the journey that follows is one in which you compete with your soul every day.

Sure there are things to do, but the outward rites total very few, but these will help us on our journey to purify the soul.

In Islam there a three dimension to the path, Iman (faith), Islam (practice), and Ihsan (spirtuality) – consequently keen adherents to the religion seek to align their mind, body and soul to the Divine Will.

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