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Sacred Sciences Curriculum is a not for profit initiative that seeks to inspire and empower British Muslims from all backgrounds to connect to their faith and learn about the sacred sciences of Islam. We provide a comprehensive and holistic Islamic studies curriculum, courses that can be taken individually or combined to earn a diploma.  Our aim: to instill timeless sacred principles that can be used in an ever changing world. Rich and dynamic; Sacred Sciences inspires those who learn with us to live out their knowledge and make the world a better place.

Courses can take you on a journey through the oceans of the qur’an, to the desert of the seerah, into the lives of the companions and over the hadith that shape our deen. Give yourself the opportunity to fit the pieces of usul al fiqh and pick apart da’wah and apologetics. Delve into the human psyche with Islam and psychology and shape your world with our courses in leadership and society. See our curriculum page for further information on the courses we provide.

Our model is based on inspiration from the Hadith of Jibril which teaches us that the essence of Islam is based on knowledge of faith, doing works of faith and becoming people of faith; or in other words: to Know, to Do, to Become.

Courses are taught in intimate, personal groups where questioning is nurtured and critical thinking is promoted, where personal experiences meet Islamic learning to develop understanding of Islam in its contemporary context; to unlock the potential of British Muslims from all backgrounds.

Teaching is structured and learning is guided; delving into both classical and contemporary texts. While the teaching environment is traditional, the methods are modern with a strong emphasis on practical solutions for challenging lives.

Visit us at

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[/vc_column_text][vc_separator type=”transparent” position=”center” up=”6″ down=”6″][vc_column_text]This workshop will include talks, activities and workshop based interaction.
The emphasis will be on interaction and dialogue to enable personal development of participants.

Participants will receive a Course pack.

A free lunch and refreshments will be provided.

By Shaykh Abu Muntasir and Nurjahan Khatun
Saturday 24th January 2015[/vc_column_text][vc_separator type=”transparent” position=”center” up=”15″ down=”15″][button size=”big_large” target=”_blank” text_align=”center” text=”ENROLL NOW” link=”” color=”#ffffff” hover_color=”#cd1719″ background_color=”#cd1719″ hover_background_color=”#ffffff” border_color=”#ffffff” hover_border_color=”#cd1719″ font_weight=”400″ border_radius=”0″][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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